Love Is Justice

An Exploration Into Mankind's Fundamental Nature

‘Love Is Justice’ by Eric Robert Morse is a long essay dedicated to revealing useful truths about love. It is divided into six sections by light-hearted quotes from children that give the reader a taste of the more complex material in each segment.

The first part introduces the topic, reviewing our culture’s various notions of love and suggesting one more: justice. Morse uses the second section to show how this new conception can explain the several different types of love we see throughout the world. Here he also proves how the new conception can elevate and progress mankind as a whole.

But, as explained in the third section, it is not easy to find this ‘true justification’. Morse discusses the difficulties in doing so and proceeds to examine an alternative in ‘false justification’ that we humans have discovered and employed in most of our modern relationships.

The fourth section illustrates how the alternative is harmful and leads participants downward. In the fifth section, Morse makes it clear that this downward motion is not limited to only the most extreme cases, but all cases of false justification because this artificial love is based in the physical, which, as the theorist explains, is a condition unfavorable to relationships of all kind. To attain true love, two must elevate their aims beyond the physical.

The final section gives us examples of how this can be done and uses the new conception to confirm long standing ideas about love such as Platonic Love, ‘love at first sight’, and ‘soul mates’.

Few attempts at grasping love have been as thorough and practical as Morse’s. ‘Love Is Justice’ has been praised as an elegant proof of a truly beautiful idea and aims to found a new standard for interpersonal relationships, romantic or otherwise.

Love Is Justice

32 pages
New Class Books
February 2006
ISBN 1-60020-039-7