A Novel

In Monaco, 1937, life is ideal. Palm trees sway, celebrities shine, and the Grand Prix thrills spectators from around the world. With war on the continental horizon, billionaire auto tycoon, Jacques Tourangeau, looks to Dash Bradford, a visiting American businessman, to help him protect the regal principality's way of life. Hesitant to get involved, the young Bradford is drawn in irreversibly when he saves the life of Tourangeau's beautiful daughter, Margaux. The new couple seems destined for what the press increasingly lauds as the 'perfect romance,' but when Tourangeau Auto begins to compete with the dominant Germans, unexpected challenges threaten the happy ideal.

In his debut novel, seasoned essayist Eric Robert Morse brings to life the warm allure of Monaco and the explosive world of golden-age auto racing through the eyes of a young dreamer striving for success against all odds. In an age of quick fixes and strained relationships, Morse offers a story of permanence and justice to show us that love, redemption, and even perfection are not only still possible but, ultimately, necessary for the good life.

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612 pages
New ClassBooks
May 2008
ISBN 1-60020-200-4